Unique solutions

Alfa Works Kft. provides the most experiences when it comes to establishing a suitable employee workforce for the demands and requirements for small, medium, and large firms. We have been finding and selecting international employment solutions for every occasion for years


During our optimized processes, paying attention to details and keeping in mind the objectives of our clients. We ensure the right quality and number of employees

Short schedule

Our Alfa Works Kft. recruiters are professional in providing our clients with properly qualified employees, with the required head counts, at a reasonable prices in short time

About us

The company

After establishing our activities in 2016 in the international outsourcing employment market we began to build our footprint in Hungary in 2018. Our employees are mainly hired from the following categories: semi-skilled workers, machine operators, and forklift drivers. Most of our recruits are hired from Hungary, Transcarpathia and Vojvodina. Alfa Works Kft. recruiters are professional in providing our clients with properly qualified employees

Our business policy

The quintessence of our business policy is to meet all of the demands of our clients. In line with expectations, we fulfill your employee quota quickly with workers who see the benefits in working diligently.

In numbers

Constantly growing number of workers and a database with several thousand employees. Our registration number: BP / 0701 / 16260-1 / 2018-1779



Ferdinánd Pálmai Manager

The focus is on the customer

Alfa Works Kft.'s activities focus on its Customers; we are familiar with the employee-to-employer job market under any situation and we will provide!

It is clear that we are on the right track. We know that we cannot stop for a moment! Our successes inspire with us to be even more effective by providing and increasing our customer satisfaction base by providing and increasing our satisfied employee base - our employees are truly self-motivated to work. Our targets are to enrich our customers' competitiveness.

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